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Blockchain Inclusive Promise

Banking Unbanked

We began our journey here with a mission of onboarding Billions of users to a new permissionless financial world.

So we created tokens

It's all about tokens, 100's of them come in all shapes and sizes, and then we realized we need USD coins to bring normies on to Blockchain.

USD Coins a.k.a Stable Coins

It turns out the USD coins are just extended handouts of few bank deposits and come with the covenant of blacklist and they could simply seize your money easier than ever before. A bleak reality of false promise.

Decentralized USD coin

We found our new hope with a decentralized USD coin that could be mint out of your valuable crypto asset. You can get 100 for 150; that's not a good deal, but still better than nothing. But then if your collateral dip below 150%, you gonna lose all of it ..oops!

Then DeFi happened!

Oh Boy, this is interesting, anyone can mint money, all you need a vegetable/food emoji; blockchain becomes a hell of a kitchen, that is full of new DeFi food currencies. But how you pay for it ... USD Coins, isn't it for USD saving and onboarding new users??

Where is the yield?

Everywhere & Nowhere, it's a circular economy with a bunch of coins. But we still have that permissionless layer and sovereign currency attached to it. So let's build on top of that!

What can we do about it?

Unlike the old crypto days, where we were at the mercy of a few big miners to get our precious crypto coin, now we have a new system that gives coin directly from the chain and keeps giving it forever!!

Make Blockchain Great Again

I thought it is great now. Ah, yes, it is, so let's use it.Still, normies don't know how great it is; 95% of them are out of the blockchain world because they were not served with something they could use today. We need them here to make it bigger and better.

How can we bring them?

Let's go to grassroots addressing their basic need to cherish their dreams and build a better future.Everyone needs a safer place to save their hard-earned money and grow it to meet the ends.

Blockchain be able to do that?

Didn't you know? blockchain has supernatural power :)Yes, blockchain can directly offer a stable saving account with interest forever, for anyone, from anywhere.How about that!

Is this is in USD?

Yes, It is. And the interest tooHow can a blockchain give you USD? Is this is another stable coin? ¯_(ツ)_/¯THERE IS NO COIN, WHATSOEVER.

Tell me, If I get this?

There can be a blockchain-enabled savings account in USD with no USD coin. Also, it doesn't need any banking rails to hold this, and it is withdrawable anytime. Is that right?Yes, USD saving account with no BANK, fully protected with no FDIC.

U need to give me details!

I will try my best to elucidate things as it becomes production-ready. Meanwhile, all I can say is, it's in the works, and soon it will be in action.Thank you for reading, and you are one among the early few who know about this endeavor. Yay!

This is an evolving thread; please swing by when you have time to catch up. ✨(♡⸃ ◡ ⸂♡)

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